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Dualed (Dualed, #1)Dualed by Elsie Chapman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received DUALED by Elsie Chapman via NetGalley.

Elsie Chapman, I bow down to your spectacular writing. From the concept, plot, action, characters, and suspense, you nailed it. Books like this one are one in a million.

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Would I recommend this book? Yes! Especially to fans of THE HUNGER GAMES and DIVERGENT. Even lovers of zombie books would enjoy the non-stop, heart-pounding action.
This intense story will keep you flipping pages long past your bedtime and into the wee hours of the night (in my case, the late afternoon).

West Grayer is not your typical 15-year-old and neither is the society she lives in of kill or be killed. It’s not even about survival in this tale, because running from your Alt–practically your twin in every genetic way–will only result in both of you dying. Only one can live or no one can. And West does what she must to survive when the order to kill her Alt and be worthy, or die like a weakling is issued.

What I liked most about this story were West’s struggles–with losing her family, her friends, being forced into a world of violence. Internally she’s just as jaded as anyone going through such things would be, but on the outside she comes off as cold and calculating. And what was most inspiring about her was that she (mostly) dealt with this on her own, pushing everyone aside, even Chord, her (view spoiler)[dead (hide spoiler)] brother’s best friend who promised to stay with her when the time came for her to kill her Alt. Though she loved Chord, she knew the best way to keep him safe was to stay away, even when he made it nearly impossible.

What would you do if you had to kill the person who looked just like you?

I can’t wait until this book’s release so I can buy a hard copy and put it on my shelf.

If you haven’t already, add this book to your to-be-read ASAP pile.

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