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As I begin another journey through the Summer Chronicles, I’m reminded why Summer’s story has struck such resonant chords in my readers around the world. Though the main focus in this series is Summer discovering her resiliency as she recovers from her life as a modern day slave, the psychological aspects still haunt the main character. And me.

Millions of women (and even men) around the world are abducted and sold into a world of slavery. Most are abused, drugged, raped, and tortured. People of authority turn a blind eye. Recently, the US has been in a frenzy over recent rape cases and the rape culture that goes along with it. So today I’d like to bring gender inequality to the forefront.

My personal beliefs—or lack there of—and my political views are subjects I don’t ever discuss on my website or my social media outlets (not counting my personal and private Facebook account). But human trafficking, rape culture, and domestic abuse are exceptions to this rule. Remaining mute is not okay in the face of injustice. And I won’t be silenced.

I’m still quite young—a mere 28—but it amazes me how naïve I was just ten years ago. Even five years ago. I never realized how corrupt the world is. Even the good ol’ U.S. of A. is full of corrupt government officials, from senators to local law enforcement (not all of them, of course; many do fight for justice). I’m not here to point fingers or to tell anyone what to think or believe, but I would like to ask my readers of both genders to make yourself aware of what’s really going on in the world and to remember that:

1) Women are not property, but they are often treated as such. This is not okay.

2) Women have rights, no matter their nationality, beliefs, or situation. Taking these rights away is not okay.

3) People are human beings. We are all the same, no matter if we’re a man, a woman, straight, gay, transgender, religious, or atheist.

4) Not saying “no” does not mean “yes.” If a woman walks down the street stark naked, this does not mean she is inviting anyone to have sex or assault her. If a woman is drunk or passed out or looks sexy, this is not an invitation to rape her.

5) Human trafficking is not just a foreign problem but a local one. More than two million slaves live in the U.S. alone. TWO MILLION.

6) A victim of sexual assault is never at fault. Not ever. No matter what.

7) Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world. If you have any information about human trafficking, please call 1-888-3737-888 immediately.

Here’s where I ask my readers, and most especially my teen audiences, to not let yourself succumb to the masses when they’re in the wrong. Just because others are doing it does not mean it’s the right thing to do (Nazis, anyone?). Don’t be like the classmates of the two 13-year-old girls who were raped in CT by football players. These classmates bullied and taunted the victims of sexual assault—and that’s not okay. Don’t let the media convince you that rapists’ lives were ruined because of the victim. Realize that those convicted are RAPISTS, and that’s why their lives were ruined.

This is the 21st century. Don’t be quiet. Don’t be subservient. Don’t lie down in the face of blatant hypocrisy and injustice. Stand up for your rights—and stand up for the rights of others.

Use your voice to fight for freedom so one day we will have peace.

Now I must return to writing Burning Falls, where Summer will discover she’s stronger than she ever thought, regardless of her past as a slave.



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  • Erica

    Well-said, Lola! People often blame society, but we *are* society.. Voicing awareness *can* make a difference :)

  • Chelsea Pitcher

    Great post!! Thank you so much for writing it.

  • Brian Victor

    Greetings Laura. Thank you for having the heart to write the Summer Chronicles. I just finished Book 1. It is easy to see the passion you have for this issue. It is wonderful how you have added to the counter-trafficking effort in a way that people can relate to. I was particularly impressed by how you made Summer’s mental state vividly believable. Looking forward to Book 2 (just purchased it from Smashwords).

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