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Hey everyone!

You know that moment when you know things are about to change–your life is about to change? All that hard work is *finally* starting to pay off? This is one of those moments. Now just imagine you’re scooping kitty litter and cleaning up kid vomit when you realize this (more on this later).

So I’m a tease, and I know it. For those of who you saw my message on my Facebook page about some exciting news, this would be that exciting news. (And sorry for making you wait until this evening–some of you *ahem* are a bit impatient, like me.)

I was offered representation by Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, a literary agent and partner at Foreword Literary, for The Acid Method and for future works (possibly even past works). And I’ve accepted. You’ll also notice that The Acid Method was co-written with my story editor (from my other books) Lisa Langdale, who also accepted representation!

For those who don’t know what this means, let me give you a short little overview. A literary agent is an author’s advocate who will do everything in their power to sell the author’s manuscript to a publisher while negotiating the terms and money. This is just a tiny bit of what they actually do, of course. Basically, your agent becomes your right arm (I realize that sounds kinda creepy, but you get it).

Now . . .

*pauses a moment to let that all sink in*

Commence squeeing and dancing! WHOOOOOOO! Okay, and some screaming in delight.

As many of my followers know, I’ve mentioned The Acid Method before in December on my blog post “The Next Big Thing.” I’ve received several emails and messages from people wanting to know more but was apprehensive about it because I wanted to wait to share more with you when I thought the time was right. That time is coming sooner than I anticipated.

*takes deep breath*

I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it feels to have another advocate behind me while I explore more options in my writing career. From the outside it may seem like I do it all on my own, but the truth is that I’ve had an amazing team working along side me the entire time. To sign an agreement with an agent–Pam in particular–who understands the changing industry is an amazing thing. When I find someone who can evolve as I do, I latch on like one of those annoying barnacles underneath a ship. Just ask Lisa.

So back to that kitty litter/vomit story. When Pam first emailed me with interest in The Acid Method, I immediately called Lisa–as I do with most things in life. This was the moment Lisa’s writing started on a collision course with the word “career,” and she’ll forever remember it as the moment she was scooping kitty litter. When I called later  to let Lisa know that Pam wanted to schedule a call with me, Lisa will forever remember it as that moment when she was in the middle of cleaning up kid vomit. My moments? I was sitting at my laptop. Her story is much more exciting, eh? Haha!

After being offered representation, I promptly called Lisa (even if she wasn’t my co-author, she’d still be no. 1). I think there was a brown paper bag involved, and a lot of silence on the other end. Poor Lisa was in shock. <3 The next day–today, in fact–Lisa left me a voicemail that went something like this:

“Hi. So, I’m on my way to work, and I just have one question for you: Did that really just happen yesterday?” At this point, her voice is getting a bit high-pitched.  “Like really? Really? So I’m thinking about it, and that can’t have really happened yesterday. Because, like, it hasn’t really sunk in. Woa.” Pause. “Oh, I think I’m crying now. Okay, so you don’t want to hear me cry. Bye.”

My reaction (which she doesn’t know about): I started crying my freakin’ eyeballs out as well. Because then it started to sink in with me too. This is it: when my sales and writing finally start to get noticed!

So here we are, blubbering idiots, who can’t begin to express our thanks and love to all those who’ve supported us. And to Pam, who saw potential where others have not. (Though, to be honest, we’ve only ever queried The Acid Method once before. But I know and am very familiar with the harsh realities of the publishing world.)

Now let’s celebrate!



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  • Brianne V.

    I am SO proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished. I’m so honored to call you my friend and business partner.

  • Stacey O’Neale ✮

    I’m so happy for you chickie! I’ve known Laurie McLean for years, and anything with her attached is full of awesome, so I’m sure this means great things for you!

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Burning Falls

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