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Halo of the Sun

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newyearHappy New Year! The time has come, my friends, to enter Summer’s world once again.

But first:

I know I’ve kept pretty quiet about why I got so behind on this story, so I think it’s time I finally tell the truth.

First, I had other projects going on. I wrote and released Key of Pearl (Timeless, #4.5). I co-wrote The Acid Method and signed with a literary agent.

Then tragedy struck. I should’ve known. After three deaths, a fire, and two floods in 2011, I thought I’d seen all the bad shit I could manage for a lifetime. Hah. 2012 came along and kicked ass (in a good way). Sales were up, my fingers were on fire for writing so much, and all was well in my little corner of the world.

But 2013, my dear friends, has let me down. Signing with Pam at Foreword Literary was the highlight of my year. My shining moment.

Until I was at the RT Booklovers Convention in Kansas City, MO in May and received a phone call around 6 in the morning. It was my dad. I couldn’t understand him at first. But then I did. My mom was dead.

. . .

. . .

She was only 51. It was a shock. A fatal heart attack. Completely unexpected.

I understand that people deal with tragedies and losses pretty regularly in the world, but this hit me harder than I ever thought possible. Probably because I believed I had so much more time with her. The truth is, I’d written a character in Burning Falls based on my mom (Debbie). It was going to be a surprise (she was my biggest fan and supported me from the beginning). I had this plan where I’d email her my manuscript and wait for the phone call where she’d be surprised and tickled at what I’d done.

This will never happen.

So even though I’d started writing Burning Falls, I had to put it away. Writing it was too hard. It felt like I was ripping my own heart out every single time I tried. The last thing I wanted was to release this book after I’d written it in such a devastated state. Take the depressing writing in New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and multiply that by a million. That’s what my readers would’ve been subjected to.

My first trip to Barnes & Noble (where I spent hours upon hours with my mom) was embarrassing. Mostly because I cried in front of all of these people. Then I told the manager (who knew my mom) and cried some more. I didn’t want her memory to cripple me, so I opened my laptop and began writing something funny. I had no plans, no plots, no ideas. But this story poured out of me. It’s called Love’s Paradox, and it’s a New Adult Romance. This is the first book I wrote that my mom won’t read.

With the months passing, I knew I could no longer hold back on writing Burning Falls. I finally completed a rough first draft and am currently revising it. (If no one is counting, that makes for FOUR books written this year. Not too shabby.) Now your patience will finally be rewarded.

Burning Falls

Burning Falls release date is April 2014.

Click here for a preview!

Summary: Summer’s in the midst of a rivalry between the scientifically altered people living on Forsaken Harbor. As things heat up on the island, our heroine and her friends are thrown in the middle of a war that will rip them apart. When Summer discovers those she trusted most are keeping life-altering secrets, she flees the violent harbor for the wild jungle. Realizing Summer’s missing, Julian and Gage fight their way through the jungle and come across a mysterious burning waterfall. Summer’s there, but so is someone else. . . .

Will it be fight or flight for our battered heroine? Who will win her heart? Who will betray her? And who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save her? Find out in the shocking third installment of the Summer Chronicles as more than one battle is waged on the island. You can read the first book Phantom Universe for FREE.

Thanks for sticking around, dear readers.



P.S. Thank you to all the readers who contacted me wanting to know more info. I apologize for the delay. I hope this makes up for it.

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  • Isaca Hare


    I’m so broken hearted to hear of your loss hun! I’m so sorry and all my love and condolenes to you and your family and all who were affected.
    Don’t you worry your pretty head about your time away and do what you have to, to heal.
    I’m looking forward to reading everything you’ve come up with and as usual, I’m sure it’s amazing!
    We do love you and we did miss you….but there is nothing to make up for hun 😉

  • Leslie Crabtree DeWald

    Oh, Laura!

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I completely understand how you feel. I lost my step-father, the only “real” father I ever had, unexpectedly, also. He had multiple organ failure. They never could understand why. I got to see him one last time before he passed, and for that, I am thankful!

    I wish you all the peace, and love in the world, to help you get over your tragic loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

  • Barb

    Laura, I’m so sorry for your loss. I too have lost my mom who I was so close to. Words can not express the lost with losing a mom. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Burning Falls
Burning Falls

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Love’s Paradox
Love’s Paradox

Available Now!

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